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Hike & Caving
Hike & Caving
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Hike & Caving
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Hike & Caving
Hike & Caving
Hike & Caving
Hike & Caving

Hike & Caving

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There are thousands of caves to explore on the east coast.

Geologists and casual explorers have been (re)discovering, mapping and studying them for years.

These geologists and casual explorers tend to "protect" access to these caves through private purchases, secret maps and other regulations.

The primary reason these guys (yes, it's mostly guys) do this is for "our" safety: if you go in a cave unprepared and are unable to get back out, rescuing you is very expensive.

So, the fewer people know about these caves, the fewer accidents and fewer resources dedicated to rescues.

Those resources can then be invested into rediscovery, acquisitions and science.

So, although protecting us from ourselves is not overtly exclusive, it still makes it very difficult to participate in this amazing activity unless these guys know who you are.

Lucky for you, these guys know who we are. And this trip aims to introduce caving (aka spelunking) to a broader audience in a safe, responsible and beginner-friendly way.

Before entering any cave, your Trip Host will do a safety briefing, including cave etiquette.

After this trip, you'll either love caving or not. But at least you tried it.

You will be sent detailed instructions on gear you’ll need after you sign up. But don’t worry, you probably won’t need to buy anything new.


  • 9am Arrive at destination, check-in, suit up
  • 10am Begin trip to cave entrance
  • ~12:30p-~1:30p Exit cave
  • ~1:30p-~2:30p Rinse, change, conclude trip


  • This trip is included with an Unlimited Pass.
  • This is rated BEGINNER to ADVANCED. You will have an experienced host with you. Learn more about How We Rate Trips.
  • Please note that you're caving at your own risk and at some destinations we'll be visiting, you may be asked to sign additional waivers.
  • Roundtrip shuttle available. Or get a Ryde Pass instead.
  • YOU WILL RECEIVE EXACT PICKUP TIMES AND LOCATIONS VIA WELCOME EMAIL AFTER YOU'VE MADE YOUR RESERVATION AND 72 HRS PRIOR TO YOUR TRIP. You'll be able to select your pickup time and location only by replying to that email.
  • Physical Distancing and Face Covering Policy
  • No Questions Asked Refund and Cancellation Policy
  • TRIP DETAILS (I.E. TIME, DATE, DESCRIPTIONS) POSTED HERE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE FOR ANY REASON. Details regarding your trip will be emailed to you after you book.


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