Passes let you do every outdoor activity on (and off!) our calendar as many times as you like*!

Adventures any way you want:

⚡️Annual Pass - Meet The Annual Pass. There is no other adventure pass like this! For just $149/month, you can try every adventure on (and off!) our calendar - 100 trips/ year! 50+ different adventures!

🥾Hiking Pass - The original season pass is now the Hiking Pass. Experience any of our original and unique, group hikes and select camping trips - over a dozen different trips - AS OFTEN AS YOU'D LIKE! The more you use it, the more you save! Only $19/month!

📦Superquick Pass - Making a comeback in 2021, the new & improved Superquick! Reserve any 4 trips under $100 anytime you want to go! BONUS! Superquick now allows you to bring a +1 on one of your trips! Just $99!

🎁Outerthere Gift Cards - Give the gift of adventure! In $100 and $1,000 denominations.

🚐Ryde Pass - Guarantee your seat on all our trips or just get out of the city for a roadtrip with us across 100 destinations year round with this new Ryde Pass, a subscription shuttle service! Just $49/month

🏕Wknd Pass - The Wknd Campout (June 3, 4 and 5, 2022) is a full weekend of sampling all the adventures you can handle in a safe and responsible space, including bike trips, climbing, meditation and more presented to you by the amazing and professional Trip Host Team! If you're planning to hang out all weekend, get this Pass!

FAQs 🔍

Will I receive a physical pass in the mail? No. Outerthere Passes are not physical passes. You will receive a Welcome email with a code specific to you. Apply this code at checkout and your eligible trip goes to $0. 

How do I use my Pass? Upon purchase of your Pass, you will receive a Welcome email that includes an individual code. Apply that code at checkout when you book your trip with your account any time during your 6- or 12-month season. 

What's the best pass for me or my loved one? If you find yourself looking at our calendar and thinking, I want to try everything, you should definitely consider an Annual Pass. If you're just looking to get out every now and then on specific types of trips (like hikes or kayaking), you should consider our other Passes, that let you try the full breadth of that activity.

What if I change my mind? You are eligible for a full refund only BEFORE you book your first trip. We have a No Questions Asked Cancellation and Refund Policy and it works similar when you book trips with your Pass. Although we cannot extend a refund for your entire Pass AFTER you've booked your first trip, you're able to cancel any Pass (except your Lifty Pass) after 3 months. See details below. 

What if the trip I booked gets canceled or rescheduled? Most trips appear on our calendar at least twice (or more) per season. On the rare occasion one or both are canceled, you will be extended credit towards the same or similar trip AFTER your Pass expires.

What if I'm traveling or have an emergency and can't use my Pass? You are able to Pause your Pass for up to 3 months. When you're ready to reactivate, your Pass will continue to work for its remaining time. 

*THE FINE PRINT: Outerthere Passes are not physical passes. Upon purchase of your Pass, you will receive a Welcome email that includes an individual code. Apply that code at checkout when you book your trip with your account any time while your Pass is active. Your code will change your final balance in your shopping cart to $0 as long as your Pass is valid. It is only valid through and is not valid with individual tour operators or at destinations. 

Pass activation starts from the day you buy and automatically renews every year or until you cancel. Passes are non-refundable. However, if our activities are rescheduled or canceled due to legal shelter-in-place requirements, medical emergencies, dangerous weather conditions or any other inability to use your Pass (including if you have any family or medical emergencies or travel), just reply to your Welcome email to Pause your Pass until circumstances allow you to enjoy your Pass again. You will be able to utilize your Pass for its full value after a Pause as soon as you're able to. However, you may only Pause for 90 days before your Pass reactivates. You cannot apply your Pass retroactively to trips you've already booked at their regular prices. You cannot book trips that are scheduled after you cancel your Pass.

You must create an account to use your code. There are no blackouts with your Pass - use any time there's a trip on our calendar, including holidays. Your Annual Pass includes overnight lodging (1-night) on select overnight trips, as well as admission fees for destinations (i.e. state and national parks, ski resorts, water parks, obstacle races), and access to Scouting Trips. Your other Passes do not Your Annual Pass excludes international trips. Your Pass is only for you and you cannot transfer your Pass or Membership to someone else.

You will be required to fill out Health Screeners, Releases, Waivers and adhere to our Covid and safety protocols for each trip you book. If you opt for a monthly payment subscription, you will be billed at the beginning of your billing cycle (usually the 1st of every month) and agree to commit to keeping your Pass for a non-refundable 3 months. If you opt for installment payments (up to 4), sorry fam, but you cannot cancel your Pass and are not eligible for refunds either.