Scouting Trips

Scouting Trips

How does a trip end up on the calendar? It gets scouted by experienced trip hosts.

Scouting a trip started as trip ratings and have become a critical part of the evaluation process for every activity on our calendar.

Scouting allows trip hosts to check if an experience, a destination, guides, gear and equipment are safe, welcoming and fun. It’s how the kinks get worked out to get you to try awesome new outdoor activities.

Although the inspiration for Scouting trips can pretty much be anything, they generally start off with Side Missions on regular trips.

Anyway, Scouting Trips can be super easy and family-friendly or extremely dangerous. They can be super fun or super boring, where you'll drive all that way for nothing.

There's almost no idea what'll happen until you give a Scouting Trip a try. Some trips you’ll never do again; while others become annual traditions.

And the only way to sign up for a Scouting Trip is to get the Annual Pass!

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