Apply for the Host Accelerator Program

Updated March 2024

Are you passionate about introducing others to the outdoors?

The Host Accelerator Program (HAP) is a crash course on becoming a host in the outdoor recreation industry - fast. 

Over the course of a single, virtual training day, you'll: 

  • ​​Learn about insurance, permits, licenses
  • ​​Learn how to design your ideal trip and get the resources you'll need for your trip
  • ​​Learn about marketing your trip
  • ​​Learn about trip metrics and the economics of hosting outdoor trips

This is just the start.

The Host Accelerator Program also offers additional training with real-world, hands-on training* to help you become a more confident outdoor host with your guests. 

Completing the full Host Accelerator Program (approx ~20 hours of training) will make you eligible to feature the Host Accelerator Program completion badge on any trip listings on and demonstrates to your community that you're serious about being a professional outdoor host.

Host Accelerator Program Completion Badge

During this portion of your training, you'll gain invaluable access to experienced hosts who'll enhance what you learned during the virtual training and provide support and mentorship with the goal of you becoming a successful host.

Additionally, you'll have access to the #1 resource for hosts with premium access to the Hosting Trips newsletter. You'll see readable features and posts that address the big questions you'll have about running your outdoor business from a supportive community of professional outdoor hosts.

You get training, access to a supportive community of experienced hosts and access to resources you'll need to be successful as an outdoor host, all at no cost to you. Yes, you read that right: $0.

The only thing you have to do is register below.

The Host Accelerator Program is possible with funding by The Everyone Is Welcome Fund.


*Training times vary. Off-site training currently only available in New York and CT.