List My Trip FAQs For New Hosts

I've never hosted a trip in my life, but I want to. Is that OK? List My Trip is for you. You'll receive ongoing guidance and in some cases, in-person training, to turn you from a first-timer to an outdoor trip professional within weeks.

How much does this service cost? There are no upfront costs for listing your trip. Outerthere receives a 20% commission from every standard reservation to cover listing and processing fees. If you do not get any reservations, Outerthere does not receive a commission. See terms.

How will I get paid? All payouts are automatically sent via PayPal. No PayPal? Visit here to get one.

What if my trip does not get any reservations? Outerthere features all kinds of trips, from hikes to sky diving. And there's no telling what will get booked and when. But one of the benefits of listing on Outerthere is that you'll be able to tap into our expertise anytime to understand trends and enhance your listing to improve reservations.

What kinds of trips should I list? Any small group trip that gets your guests to participate in an outdoor activity is eligible to be listed. See terms.

How much should I charge for my trip? This is one of the biggest questions we get from new guides and the range is broad. Luckily, there are so many other types of trips on, it can help you determine what makes sense for you. We recommend seeing what others are charging on for similar trips in your area and basing it off a price that makes sense for you and the audience you want to reach.

What if I need help or have other questions? You're in good hands with Outerthere's support for hosts. In addition to ongoing guidance and pro-tips, you'll be able to reach us by using the chatbox at the bottom of any page or replying to any emails you receive.