List My Trip FAQs For New Hosts

What does this cost? There are no upfront costs for listing your trip. Outerthere receives a 25% platform fee from every standard reservation based on what you've opted into when you completed your listing. If you do not get any reservations, Outerthere does not receive a fee. See Terms below.

I've never hosted a trip in my life, but I want to. Is that OK? List My Trip is for you! Not sure how to get started, apply for the Host Accelerator Program. Curious about how the business of outdoor recreation works, subscribe to the Hosting Trips newsletter. And once you've listed your trip, you'll be able to continue to receive ongoing support and insights to turn you from a first-timer to an outdoor trip professional within weeks. 

How will I get paid? All payouts are sent next business day after your trip via PayPal and after you've accrued at least $100 in reservations. No PayPal? Visit here to get one. See Terms for more details.

What if my trips do not get any reservations? Don't worry. Unless you're an established host or influencer, it'll take about 2 to 3 trips (or 2 to 3 months) out of 10 suggested trips before your trip listing gets the traction it needs with guests. The good news is that you'll be able to tap into Outerthere's expertise and data insights anytime to understand trends and enhance your listing to improve your trip listing and increase your reservations.

What kinds of trips should I list? Any small group trip that gets your guests to participate in an outdoor activity is eligible to be listed. See terms.

How much should I charge for my trip? First, understand that you're providing a valuable service to your guests. We call it your "secret sauce". And providing this service has a cost. Understanding how much to charge for your trip starts with understanding your costs and then your value. We recommend seeing what others are charging on for similar trips in your area and basing it off a price that makes sense for you and the audience you want to reach. But if you'd like to learn more about how and why to charge, we strongly recommend applying to our free virtual class, the Host Accelerator Program here.

What if I need help or have other questions? You're in good hands with Outerthere's support for hosts. In addition to ongoing guidance and pro-tips, you'll be able to reach us by using the chatbox at the bottom of any page or replying to any emails you receive.

This is a lot of work. Why should I list my trip on Outerthere? Your trips are a kind of inventory. And the best way to sell your inventory is to distribute them in as many places as possible. 30,000+ visitors go to every year to discover amazing outdoor activities that they can book. You should definitely be in front of them! So the more trips you list, the more you'll earn from listing your trips.