Welcome to Trash Map

One of the most frustrating things about hiking and camping is that AFTER you've carried your trash out, there isn't always a convenient place to discard it.

The problem is that trash collection at remote trailheads is expensive for local municipalities and counties. And not all local businesses want the responsibility or cost of accepting random trash.

So, why not make it easier for us to keep parks clean with a directory of local trash collection and supporting businesses willing to help by taking our trail trash?

That's what Trash Map is all about.

We're on a mission to encourage a simpler, more inclusive approach to get everyone to keep their trails clean by mapping out all the trash cans, trash bins and awesome businesses near trailheads so we can all dispose of your trail trash responsibly.

Help us keep our parks trash-free by using the trash bins on the trash map or adding a location pin of a trash at your favorite trailhead.

Just drop your Google Map link in the form or chatbox below and it'll get added to this map. That's it.

Click on the menu toggle at the top right of the map below for additional info and layers.

We'll keep you in the loop on Trashmap milestones. No spam.

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