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The Annual Pass, The Ultimate Adventure Pass!

The Annual Pass, The Ultimate Adventure Pass!

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What many are calling, "The most innovative adventure pass in the outdoor industry - ever!"- 🤯  

There is no other adventure pass like this...

For less than the cost of joining a pricey gym or just one vacation where you'd only do one or two adventures, you can try every trip on the Trip Calendar - every week, every month, every season!

There are over 100 awesome outdoor activities you can try year-round with the Annual Pass ⚡️ including hikes, camping trips, kayaking, bike trips, rafting, sky diving, off-roading and anything and everything new that gets added to the Trip Calendar and so much more!

The Annual Pass pays for everything* including all tour, hosting, rental equipment and group lessons. It does not include roundtrip shuttle, but if you get The Ryde Pass, it'll cover all your rides, too.

Get yours today!


Annual Pass holders are entitled to two (2) Wknd! trips per year.

Build your wishlist of trips by getting a 30-Day trial of The Annual Pass! No CC needed. If you love your Annual Pass at the end of 30 days, keep it. You will receive an email reminder to enter your credit card info and complete the purchase of your Annual Pass.

And if you change your mind, no further action needed. You'll unfortunately lose your wishlist and your reservations unless you complete your purchase or reserve each trip individually.**


Excludes international trips, roundtrip shuttles and shuttle-only trips (i.e. road trips). Add-on The Ryde Pass in the dropdown to complete your purchase and get roundtrip shuttles included for every trip you reserve and hit the road with us on more than a dozen road trips on the Trip Calendar.


See more all passes here (including The Sampler Pass) and visit our FAQs here.




*The Annual Pass excludes international trips and roundtrip shuttles and is limited to 2 Wknd trips.
**You must complete the purchase your Annual Pass (or reserve the trip individually) to confirm your reservations. You cannot go on a trip until you've confirmed your reservation.

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