*NEW* The Companion Pass
*NEW* The Companion Pass
*NEW* The Companion Pass

*NEW* The Companion Pass

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CompanionĀ Passes lets you bring your companion to 1 trip for free!


It's always better with friends. But sometimes, your friend may not be able to do everything you do. Get the Companion Pass and see if they won't change their mind.

It's simple: reserve 3 different trips for yourself, and your friend gets to go on any of them for free.


Excludes international trips, scouting tripsĀ and shuttle rides.Ā 

YOUĀ ARE NOT ABLE TO SWAP TRIPS WITH THIS PASS. And if you have to cancel a reservation for any reason, YOU ARE NOT ABLE TOĀ RESCHEDULE OR RESERVE FUTURE TRIPS on your Pass. Learn more atĀ No Questions Asked Cancellation and Refund Policy.


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