Heal the Healers Fairy Garden Party
Heal the Healers Fairy Garden Party

Heal the Healers Fairy Garden Party

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Presenting this Healing Circle we pose the question, ‘What does healing look like for those who do the work?’

As nurturers, caregivers, educators, developers, gatekeepers of our youth communities, families and tribes, there is this ongoing conversation of ‘Healing’ but what is it? What does it look like for these individuals? How does one make the time, effort, and intention while supporting and maintaining others around them? Where and how can one find other women who look similar, actively participating in healing work, and are a tribe of resources and support?

Our goal is to curate a safe space of collective conversation, with the intention of offering the opportunity to grow, network, and build potential tribes with other healers.

Join us!

This trip is in partnership with Venus Valette The Hood Hippie. 

Venus Valette aka The Hood Hippie is an experienced outdoorswoman and wilderness first responder certified. Venus comes from a   20-year career in social services, focusing on community and youth development.

This trip is supported by The Everyone Is Welcome Fund.


  • 11am Sign in.
  • 11am to 3pm Guided meditation and breath work, light movement, stretching, creating your own blend of intention setting teas, exchanging of tools techniques and stories.

*This activity takes place on a public park and there may be a crowd. 

**Itinerary is subject to change.


    • DISCLAIMER: We take mental health seriously. Please be advised that there will not be mental health professionals available to you during this trip (it's an insurance thing). Furthermore, our hosts are not professional mental health professionals. And although we will have professional guidance from members of this community to conduct this therapeutic exercise, it will be a self-guided experience, where you should only do what feels right to you. This experience should not be considered a formal part or substitute for any professional mental health therapies. Finally, although we hope that this experience triggers nothing but positive emotions, it may also unexpectedly trigger negative feelings. We strongly encourage you to consult your mental health professional before and/or after participating in this activity.
    • Please refer to mental health resources at NY Project Hope and CDC's Mental Health Guidance.
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    • This trip is accessible using public transit, NYC Transit.

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