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Ice Climbing Wknd

Ice Climbing Wknd

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OK, there's a lot to unpack here. So let's start with the ice.

If there's ice, there's cold. And no one likes that. (Well, some of you do.)

But, one thing about cold weather is the warmth you feel when you're surrounded by awesome people, good drinks and a firepit after doing something epic.

So, maybe ice isn't so bad.

Next, there's the climbing part. 

It's already a little intimidating without ice. But climbing on ice... You're not so sure about that.

Well, what if someone told you that ice climbing may actually be a bit easier for some of you when you figure out how to deprogram your body's normal way of climbing.

But once you figure that out, it's 100% like chess. Less muscles, more thinking, where you're trying to figure out the moves and the ice.

And if you're into thinking challenges, then you'll love ice climbing.

Join us for this 3-day weekend ice climbing in the Adirondacks. We'll be climbing with a private instructor on a private mountain. All equipment included.


    • FRIDAY
      • Pickups from NYC/CT. Check in to/set up accommodations for our stay.
      • Breakfast.¬†Shuttle to adventure.
      • Return from adventure. End of day meal with your group
    • SUNDAY
      • Breakfast.¬†
      • Pack up, checkout, departure.
      • Dropoffs to NYC/CT.

    *Subject to change.


    • This and one other¬†Wknd! trip are included¬†with¬†The¬†Annual Pass!
    • See how to pay for this trip in¬†installments.
    • This Wknd trip¬†consists of one or more activities. Since these¬†activities need to be booked in advance, we unfortunately cannot swap or substitute activities or adjust pricing if you¬†choose not to try any of the activities during the Wknd.¬†Sorry fam.
    • Please note that Wknds! are logistically complicated. Some or all details are subject to change¬†(i.e. weather). All changes are communicated to all guests in advance and Trip Hosts are always transparent and always¬†inform¬†guests of all available options. But don't worry, no matter what changes, Wknds are always awesome! But also, we have a pretty cool No Questions Asked Refunds & Cancellation policy.
    • Wknd trips are BEGINNER-to-ADVANCED. Learn more about¬†How We Rate Trips.
    • We'll be staying at a local motel around 30 minutes (or less) to activity. Rooms are co-ed and shared, with 2¬†beds per room, 1 person per bed, 1 shared bathroom per room. Unless otherwise requested,¬†you'll be matched with your plus 1 or another¬† guest who identifies as the same gender as you. Prefer your own room? It's ok, no one will be offended. All change requests will be managed discretely on-site, so no worries. All prices¬†include "resort fees" and local taxes.¬†Although we are not responsible for the behavior of other¬†motel guests, we try to vet the places we stay to make sure they are welcoming.
    • Wknds! include shuttles between hotels and to/from our local destinations.
    • Check out more¬†Wknd Trips.
    • Physical Distancing and Face Covering Policy
    • YOU WILL RECEIVE EXACT PICKUP TIMES AND LOCATIONS VIA WELCOME EMAIL AFTER YOU'VE MADE YOUR RESERVATION AND 72 HRS PRIOR TO YOUR TRIP. You'll be able to select your pickup time and location only by replying to that email.
    • TRIP DETAILS (I.E. TIME, DATE, DESCRIPTIONS) POSTED HERE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE FOR ANY REASON. Details regarding your trip will be emailed to you after you book.


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