Outerthere Season Pass

Outerthere Season Pass

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The Outerthere Season Pass lets you sample all the hikes on our calendar over a 3-month season as many times as you like*.


Let's face it, if you're just starting out at a new thing, you're not sure if you're going to love it and if you do, you're not sure why. Why commit? Before you buy new gear, before planning the next big adventure, try it first with the Outerthere Season Pass. 

*The Outerthere Season Pass is not a physical pass. Upon purchase of your Outerthere Season Pass, you will receive a Welcome email that includes an individual code. Apply that code at checkout when you book any trip with your account any time during your 3-month season. Your code will change your final balance in your shopping cart to $0 during your 3-month season. It is only valid through Outerthere.com and is not valid with individual tour operators or at destinations. Pass access starts from the day you buy and expires 90 days later at midnight. Pass is non-refundable. However, if you or our activities are shut down due to legal shelter-in-place requirements, medical emergencies or any other inability to use your pass, just reply to your Welcome email to pause your pass until requirements are lifted. You will be able to utilize your pass for its full 90-day value after a pause as soon as you're able to. You must create an account to use your code. There are no blackouts with your Pass - use any time there's a trip on our calendar, including holidays. Your Pass currently excludes bike trips, water sports, air sports, races, multi-day trips (i.e. camping trips), Lifty trips, or any activity that requires us to rent specialized equipment or pay admission fees to third parties. Camping trips that do not require us to rent equipment or pay admission are included. You cannot apply your Pass retroactively to trips you've already booked at their regular prices. You cannot book trips that are scheduled after your 3-month season. Your Pass is only for you and you cannot transfer your Pass to someone else. You will be required to fill out Health Screeners, Releases, Waivers and adhere to our covid and safety protocols for each trip you book.