Hike This Underground River!
Hike This Underground River!
Hike This Underground River!
Hike This Underground River!
Hike This Underground River!
Hike This Underground River!

Hike This Underground River!

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This trip is a one-of-kind experience through and under one of the most picturesque towns in Pennsylvania - Jim Thorpe - just 2 hrs away from NYC. 

Your trip host will carefully guide you through a dark tunnel with intermittent light from above. You will have plenty of headlamps and flashlights to conquer darker corners.

During your safety briefing, your trip host will give you brief overview of how to walk across the riverbed with balance and stability.

You'll be shown exactly where to step and why.

And you'll stay alert for some creepy crawlers that may hitch a ride on your helmet. The river never gets above knee depth. 

This trip is rated beginner and is safe and doable by anyone at their own pace - including kids 12+.

However, if you're not 100% comfortable with dark spaces, bugs or have any physical conditions that may inhibit a stable step, this trip may not be for you.

IMPORTANT HEADS UP: This entire trip is a Side Mission and not covered by your host's trip insurance. It has been Scouted for safety. Learn more about Scouting Trips.


  • 11am Arrive at destination
  • 11:30am Prep and safety briefing.
  • 12:30p Start tour.
  • 2:30p Tour concludes and clean up.
  • 3p Eating/shopping in town.
  • 6p Return home


  • This trip is included at no additional charge when you get your Hiking Pass or Annual Pass!
  • This trip is rated BEGINNER-TO-INTERMEDIATE. Learn more about How We Rate Trips.
  • Flashlights and helmets are available here.
  • Roundtrip shuttle available. Or get a Ryde Pass instead. 
  • Never been hiking with us? See how we run bike trips at #whatyoumissed.

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