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Side Mission at the Abandoned Highway Tunnels: Overnight Camping

Side Mission at the Abandoned Highway Tunnels: Overnight Camping

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This is an easy backpack in, with no elevation, set up tent and firewood in different locations, handle your business in the woods, and easy backpack out. Two days, 1 night with amazing people.

As if that wasn't awesome enough, what makes this trip extra-special is that we’ll be exploring a series of abandoned highway tunnels!  Yes, PA built a complete highway - with tunnels! - and then just abandoned it. Then they converted into a hiking trail. So, it's also a giant Side Mission trip for anyone interested in exploring these tunnels.

IMPORTANT HEADS UP: This entire trip is a Side Mission and not covered by your host's trip insurance. It has been Scouted for safety. Learn more about Scouting Trips.


  • DAY 1
    • 11am Arrive at trailhead
    • 11:20am Begin trip
    • 4:30p Arrive at campsite
    • 5:30p Set up campsite
  • DAY 2
    • ~11am packup campsite
    • 12p Everyone welcome to brunch at a local restaurant.


  • What's a Side Mission? Learn more and check out other trips!
  • This trip is included at no additional charge with your Unlimited Pass.
  • This trip is ideal for BEGINNERS. Learn more about How We Rate Trips.
  • Roundtrip shuttle available. Or get a Ryde Membership instead.
  • YOU WILL RECEIVE EXACT PICKUP TIMES AND LOCATIONS VIA WELCOME EMAIL AFTER YOU'VE MADE YOUR RESERVATION AND 72 HRS PRIOR TO YOUR TRIP. You'll be able to select your pickup time and location only by replying to that email.
  • Borrow a backpack, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, or a camp chair for this trip in the drop down menu - for free! (While supplies last). Pro-tip: If it doesn't fit in 1 pack, you shouldn't bring it.
  • Physical Distancing and Face Covering Policy
  • No Questions Asked Refund and Cancellation Policy
  • TRIP DETAILS (I.E. TIME, DATE, DESCRIPTIONS) POSTED HERE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE FOR ANY REASON. Details regarding your trip will be emailed to you after you book.


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