Sampler Pass - $149 for any 4 trips!*
Sampler Pass - $149 for any 4 trips!*

Sampler Pass - $149 for any 4 trips!*

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Superquick Pass is now the Sampler Pass and available year round. 

Get yours today!


With your Sampler Pass, you can reserve any 4 day trips* under $100 anytime you want to go!**

And you'd be surprised just how many awesome trips we've been able to keep under $100: hikes, camping trips, kayaking trips, bike trips and so much more!

Full list of trips here.

What are you waiting for?! Get your Sampler Pass today! 

Add-on a *NEW* Ryde 4x (4 shuttle rides) to go with your new Sampler Pass.


See more passes here and visit our FAQs here.

    *Excludes overnights, scouting trips and shuttle rides. 

    **Your Sampler Pass does not expire and can be used any time. However, you may not swap trips with this Pass. And if you have to cancel, you are not able to book any future trips. Learn more at No Questions Asked Cancellation and Refund Policy.

    Whenever you're ready to go on your trips and need a ride, reserve your shuttle ride separately from your trip directly from each trip page's dropdown menu in order to get it free. Or, get the new companion Ryde 4x Pass. Learn more or purchase here from dropdown.