Outerthere welcomes new hosts to its platform

Outerthere welcomes new hosts to its platform

For release: March 2, 2024

New York, NY - To meet the demand of locals who want to spend more time outdoors but aren't always able or sure how to do it on their own locally, Outerthere has stepped up its efforts to recruit the hosts our users want onto our platform. 

Hosts like Sheila in NY, who's trips, Hike & Mingle, focuses on the social benefits of hikes. Sheila is a graduate of the Host Accelerator Program for new hosts.

And Casey in Michigan, who's trips, Canoe With Casey, are intended for anyone who prefers doing something outdoorsy because it's essential for their mental health. Casey is a social worker with extensive experience in working in the mental health industry.

And hosts like Victor in NY, who's brand of professional hikes with Outyork Adventures are all about getting expertise about local areas. Partnering with Outerthere, Victor was able to conveniently add-on roundtrip shuttle to his trips so his community can explore beyond the limits of public transit, just like he used to do as a professional guide in his native Machu Pichu, Peru.

And hosts like Jeanine in NY, who's Camp Chef Series have been a hit with locals who want to step up their camp cooking game. Jeanine has been hosting trips with Outerthere brands for over a year and loves introducing her community to her two favorite things: the outdoors and food.

You'll find these and many other amazing trip hosts on Outerthere this season. "I am beyond thrilled that so many new and established outdoor hosts have decided to list their amazing adventures on Outerthere," says founder, Al Berrios. He continued, "This is a real testament to the value of the services and earning possibilities Outerthere provides hosts who have been demanding for a platform like ours and an easier way to break into the outdoor recreation industry seamless and affordably."

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