Snowboarder wearing jeans on snowboard

Pro-Tip: Be A Jerry

The #1 question we get about skiing and snowboarding is what should you wear?

It's a great question, especially because nearly 100% of the images you see of skiers or snowboarders, they're wearing specialized snow gear.

That specialized snow gear ain't cheap, tho. In fact, it can be obscenely expensive.

We're not going to get into the details as to why specialized snow gear is so expensive. But is it worth it? If you're training for the winter Olympics, then yes, it's worth it.

OK, so what should you wear if you're not an Olympian?

Literally anything you have in your closet as long as it doesn't affect your mobility and range of motion.

But isn't that fancy gear supposed to help keep you warm and dry on the mountain? Only if you stand in place, soaking wet, which you won't be. Your regular clothes will also keep you warm. Just wear layers.

It gets better. The same people who are trying to convince you to spend your retirement savings on skiing and snowboarding have a name for people who prefer to save their money by repurposing their wardrobe.

They call them Jerrys or Gapers. They're shaming terms that imply ignorance of
their ski/snowboard culture, their etiquette and even how to ski or snowboard.

And the fact that anyone would wear something like jeans on skis is how they spot you and make fun of you on social media. (Go ahead and search for it. Sure it's funny... unless it's you they're making fun of).

To those people, we say, if being a Jerry means we save $1,000 by not buying fancy pants, save another $100 by using Outerthere rentals that come included with your shuttle reservation and save another $100 by taking group lessons with Outerthere that also come included, then maybe we shouldn't be offended because Jerry actually means very smart person!

Join us at Berkshire East in MA next Sunday, Jan 29 and be a proud Jerry.

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