Can I speak to your manager?

Can I speak to your manager?

You've packed your bags. You've confirmed all your reservations. You've made sure your friend will come by to check on your cat. And then plans change. Now you have to cancel everything 🤦🏻‍♀️ FML.

You were really looking forward to your trip. And there's nothing worse than negotiating through a maze of fine print by sneaky companies to see if you can get your money back.

You already know that most of the people you'll be dealing with will be the customer service reps who have no choice but to read you a script. (Or worse, an automated bot. Ew.)

But here's the trick. Most tour operators and destinations like ski resorts have general managers. And your goal should be to get to that person. They're the ONLY ones authorized to handle your request promptly and professionally, since they're the only one across the entire operation who isn't seasonal.

Unfortunately, that person is surrounded by so many younger, seasonal, inexperienced workers, that no matter how aggravated you're feeling by the experience of trying to cancel your reservation, you have to be extremely nice and patient with these seasonal workers to get to their GM.

And hey, if you can't get your money back, or if they're telling you there's a cancellation charge, consider moving your entire reservation for a later date (including the following year!) until you're ready to go on your terms, not theirs. Most tour operators and destinations are 100% willing to do that than give you your money back. And that pre-paid credit comes in real handy when they raise prices or you're budgeting.

Outerthere will never hold your money hostage. We have a plain-English No Questions Asked Cancellation and Refund policy (with diagrams now) linked from every single reservation page. It took years to develop something that smoothes over all the annoying inconsistencies across all the experiences on the trip calendar, so you feel better about booking a trip with us.

And if you're still having doubts, there's also a chat box on each reservation page and guest line that allows you to text your questions and get responses immediately direct from our GM, Al. 

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