Side Missions

Side Missions

What's is a Side Mission?

Side Missions are activities or destinations that are not on the schedule or itinerary; when your trip host adds what seems to be a completely spontaneous and unexpected detour.

Side Missions are based on the concept of playing.

We're not talking about playing video games or organized sports. We're talking about swinging from things, climbing things, jumping from things.⁠

We know it's crucial for babies and kids to develop essential skills. But then we're told that after we "grow up", we have to stop. We have to stop learning. Stop having fun.⁠

For most of human history, humans have played for fun and survival all the way through old age. And although our play has evolved, it seems that only a few of us get to play as often and as hard as we want.⁠

We consider #sidemissions as playing outdoors for everyone. We take chances, we explore, sometimes we get hurt, but we always have fun.⁠

Most trips on the Trip Calendar will gently nudge you to push past your comfort zone.

Side Missions are for people who have no comfort zones. Side Missions are never be canceled due to weather.

Consequently, Side Missions are NOT covered by our insurer and as a result, you should be aware that if you opt to try a Side Mission on any trip, you will do it AT YOUR OWN RISK.

That said, for everyone’s safety, Trip Hosts will always check out a Side Mission first and if they give the "All-Clear", the rest of the group can proceed. You will be reminded of how Side Missions work during every trip’s safety briefing.

Non-compliance to safety protocols as outlined in your trip's safety briefing or if your Trip Host determines any aspect of a Side Mission is unsafe for any reason means that the entire Side Mission will be immediately stopped.

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*DISCLAIMER: Don't go exploring caves, climbing things, jumping off things or checking out abandoned structures alone, especially if you're claustrophobic (which you probably don't know yet if you haven’t gone caving before), or if you get anxious in tight spaces or high places, or if you’re are scared of the dark, or bugs, don't like being dirty, are generally a klutz with no coordination, don't like the cold, don't like being confined, or don't like people too close to you.