List My Trip Terms

There are no upfront costs to listing your trip on 

Unless otherwise stated, Outerthere charges a 25% platform fee of the base price for your trip from every reservation. It does not charge a platform fee for any add-on services reserved via Outerthere platform partners (including roundtrip transportation, equipment, 3rd party guides, instructions, demos or accommodations). Platform fees apply for add-on services reserved and added from 3rd party providers.

501(c)3 non-profits using their trip listings to collect donations are charged a reduced 22.5% commission from every reservation.

Outerthere makes no guarantees that your trip will receive any reservations.

Payouts are sent via Paypal after every trip and after your outstanding earnings reach the payment threshold of $100, as long as there are no holds on your account and you're in compliance with our our terms. Outerthere has no relationship and does not control Shopify's or Paypal's terms of use.

If you decide to delete your trip listing and your outstanding balance is greater than the deletion threshold of $10, you'll receive your final payment within approximately 90 days of the end of the month, provided that you've completed the necessary steps to get paid (i.e. submitting a trip report from your last trip and provided your PayPal payment information).

Submitting your trip does not guarantee your trip will be listed. All listings are subject to approval by Outerthere. 

Approvals usually take 24 hours after submission. You will see your listing within 48 hours of approval.

If your trip gets approved but you have to cancel for any reason, we adhere to a "2-strike policy". After the 2nd cancellation, your trip will be delisted. You are welcome to re-submit the same or another trip.

If your trip does not get approved, you will be notified as to why and what, if anything, needs a change before getting listed. 

Venues (i.e. retailers, lodging owners), equipment renters (i.e. canoe, kayak, paddleboard, jet ski, offroad vehicles) and charter companies (i.e. boating, flying, overlanding) that are interested in hosting small group tours are welcome. Direct providers only. Sorry no resellers. 

List My Trip does not providing ticketing services for theme parks, ski resorts, or organized races. 

Outerthere, its partners and affiliates are not responsible or liable for any advice, guidance or support you accept regarding your trip or anything that happens during or after your trip.

You are hosting your trip at your own risk and at your own expense. You may request support and/or resources from Outerthere.

Your trip may be covered by Outerthere's insurance. Please confirm by asking in the chat box below.

Discounts are appreciated, but not necessary. If a discount is extended, it may or may not be passed on to guests.

Outerthere reserves the right to package and promote your trip as it deems appropriate.