Regional Lead

Updated May 2024


Hello, Al here.

First a big thanks to everyone's who's reached out regarding this role 🙏 I sincerely appreciate the amazing feedback I've received.

So, here's not what's mentioned in the job description below. Regional Leaders who embrace their roles will ultimately become Outerthere's expert and ambassador in your region. That means that the outdoor recreation industry in your region will know who you are and ideally come to you with opportunities.

For anyone seeking to build a career in the outdoor recreation industry, this is an ideal opportunity to be build your reputation and credibility as the go-to person for all things outdoors.

For anyone who is not that serious, I do not think this role would be a good fit. Although it's remote, flexible and seems passive, it will involve time and work once you start ramping up.

Please take a look at the job description below and if it sounds like something you can handle, kindly complete the application form below.

Thank you! And I look forward to hearing from you soon!


ABOUT THIS OPPORTUNITY: Outerthere is growing across the U.S. and we'd love your help to launch and shape this new initiative!

As a Regional Leader, you will help create awareness among outdoor group leaders and hosts about Outerthere's services for them. The goal is to make hosts feel welcome to list their experiences on Outerthere. 

If you've got skills in talent recruitment, client service and/or digital marketing, they are transferrable to this role. 

This is very independent role. You can work any schedule you want remotely from anywhere. And as we meet milestones together (see below), the growth potential for this opportunity can be unlimited.

This opportunity empowers you as Outerthere's regional leader for your state and as such, you will be a critical part of our company's success.

WHAT'S EXPECTED FROM YOU: You are creating awareness among outdoor leaders and outfitters for Outerthere in your state and surrounding regions and across all outdoor recreation niches. 

You will be inviting outdoor leaders and outfitters to list their trips on our platform.

There are no upfront fees associated with listing trips. Outerthere takes a commission only when a trip gets booked by a guest.

After a host has accepted your invitation to list their trip on Outerthere, you're handing that host off to the company. That's it.

You are not responsible for onboarding or the actual listing.

HOW IT'LL START: You will start as a freelancer (IRS link for 1099 contractors). 

You will be compensated a $5 success fee for every host (up to 49) who lists their trips on Outerthere based on your efforts. Your efforts are tracked with a unique URL.

You will then be compensated a $10 success fee for every host after 50 (up to 199).

Your success fee is not tied to reservations and will be paid out in $100 amounts.

There are no deadlines to reach this milestone, although the first day of the next season (i.e. spring, summer, fall) is when we'd like to see you reach it.

You will have access to data to help you understand your performance. 

HOW IT'LL END: With the 200th host that you successfully get to list on Outerthere, this opportunity may become a salaried, full-time role with participation in our company's healthcare benefits for you or others where you'll have had direct input into the final responsibilities of this role.

And of course, the perks. You'll earn credit towards trips on the Trip Calendar on Outertere with every milestone you reach.

HOW YOU'LL BE SUPPORTED: You'll have access to weekly updates, the latest tips and tricks to being an outstanding regional leader, on-going coaching and support.

There is a 30-minute training virtual session.


Are you familiar, proficient or expert working with social media?*
Are you familiar, proficient or expert working with Meetup?*
Do you have any experience with client services and/or customer service?*
Do you have any experience with talent recruitment and/or human resources?*
Do you have any experience producing/hosting in-person events?*