Interested in selling your canoe, kayak, SUP business?


Hello! This is Al, owner of Outkayak.

Thank you for clicking over to this page.

I'm looking to buy your entire business outright and am looking for a specific type of business. Yes, I'm serious. Yes, I'm a real person (that's me above doing a quick demo at Overpeck Creek, NJ and here's my LinkedIn). Yes, I've been a paddling tour operator for as long as you have. And yes, I'm ready, willing and able buy your business for what it's worth if it's what I'm looking for. You will be dealing with me directly, not some big company. And I will be the person you'll meet when things progress.

For now, the below information is extremely helpful to help us both understand whether it makes sense to move forward. If you're not comfortable answering questions about your business online, let's hop on a quick intro call. Enter only your name, email, best phone to reach you at, your business' name and website below and I'll personally get back to you within a few minutes.

Thank you again. 


P.S. I am hosting this form on the reservation platform I use for my tours. It is cheaper than paying for a whole website.


Does your business employ any staff? (Other than you)
Does your business currently have any permits?
Does your business own or lease any property?
Does your business own or lease any vehicles?
Does your business own or lease its boat fleet?
Does your business sell any merchandise (online or off)?