Assumption of Risks Waiver

Updated Sep 2023 and all its affiliates and derivatives (including Outerthere, Outerthere fam, Outerthere family, Outerthere Adventures, Outerthere Kids, Salesnique, Lifty Trips, NYShreds, NYSG, Beginner Snowboarding and Skiing, I Love Hikes, Hike&, Camping Beginner, Outkayak, Last Minute Trips, Wknds!, Super Fun, Book Outdoor Adventures, Adalberto "Al" Berrios, Anna Park, et al) are owned and operated by Outerthere Adventures LLC (herein after “Outerthere”).

If you're reading this, you're about to participate in an outdoor activity you've reserved on Outerthere. You are aware that there are risks inherent in the activity in which you will be participating. For example, there is an inherent risk of drowning in any water sport. There is an inherent risk of slips, falls or hyperthermia in a cold-weather, winter activities.

You will be made aware of all known risks associated with the activity when you reserve your trip and you agree to assume said inherent risks, known and unknown.

You further agree to hold Outerthere, as well as the property owner, gear rental partner and/or 3rd party host that's part of providing the experience you reserved on Outerthere, harmless against inherent risks.

Outerthere takes preemptive and proactive safety measures* to keep all guests safe. Prior to any trip, you may receive fitness, nutrition, weather, and gear recommendations along with difficulty ratings so you can decide if a trip is right for you and are properly prepared. Review our new Physical Distancing and Face Covering Policy

At the start of any trip, your Host and/or tour operator will also take you through a safety briefing, which includes review of maps, trails, appropriate use of gear and equipment, and what to do in case of emergencies. 

But in case of injury or emergencies, you also authorize Outerthere (and any of its assignees) to help you by getting you the appropriate medical assistance. Additionally, with your consent and permission, your trip host or other medically-trained participant or assignee may be able to provide medical assistance if you are not within reasonable distance from a hospital. As a reminder, no outdoor activity is 100% risk-free and you are the best person to manage your safety.

*Please note that Outerthere reserves the right to limit group sizes and decline a reservation if we assess that it poses a danger to our host, the group, or a destination. Nothing personal.