I booked a trip. Why haven't I received any details?

All the details about your trip - including the most up-to-date weather, packing list and itinerary (especially for pickups) - lands in your inbox 72 hours prior to your trip date.

The sender will be "Al at Outerthere" and the subject of the Welcome email will be "Welcome to [name of trip]" and is only sent from info@  outerthere.com. Here's what it'll look like in your inbox:

Please make sure you let your Gmail/iPhone know that this sender and email address are important. 

If your trip is within 72 hours and you still don't see the Welcome email, please check your spam folder or "newsletters" folder in Gmail.

In the meantime, you should have received a confirmation for your reservation and and an additional notification email to let you know a Welcome email is coming. If you have any questions, you can always reply to any email you receive from info@ outerthere.com or just ask us in the chatbox here.