Work for other local NY, NJ, CT-based Hosts


Hi fam, Al here.

First a big thanks to everyone's who's reached out regarding this role¬†ūüôŹ¬†I sincerely appreciate the amazing feedback I've received.

So here's what this opportunity is all about. When a host lists their trips on Outerthere, sometimes they need some support. That's where you come in.

And by completing this form, you're adding yourself to the queue of available co-hosts and guides for other Hosts to hire.

If you're interested, apply here. Know someone who might fit the bill, forward them this link. 

Thank you! 


ABOUT THIS OPPORTUNITY: We're launching our own job marketplace for outdoor hosts on our platform! By completing this form, you're letting hosts know you're available to work for them.

Please note that this opportunity if only for anyone based in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Please check back here as we expand this service to other states.

WHAT'S EXPECTED FROM YOU: If you say you're an expert at a thing, you're expected to know what you're doing and Outdoor hosts will rely on your expertise. That's it. 

HOW IT'LL START: Once you're matched with a host that needs you, you will negotiate your pay with each host. 

And you should reasonably expect each host to provide some kind of additional training related to their business.

Finally, to manage expectations, our platform and this marketplace are relatively new. As both ramp up, you may discover more traction by collaborating with more than one host.

IMPORTANT HEADS UP: Any and all inappropriate behavior, inconsistencies between what hosts say vs. what they do and any issues related to your compensation from hosts, kindly alert us immediately. Outerthere has a zero-tolerance policy for anyone violating our terms for a fair and equitable marketplace for outdoor recreation professionals. 


Are you familiar, proficient or expert working with social media?*
Are you familiar, proficient or expert working with Meetup?*
Do you have any experience with client services and/or customer service?*
Do you have any experience producing/hosting in-person events?*
What type of experiences do you prefer to host?