Collection: The #Onward Challenge

One day, Trip Host Anna and her bff Carla decided to go on a casual walk that accidentally turned into a 17-mile hike.

And apparently, they only took a 5-minute break the entire 17 miles. So, to finish that hike, they’d say, “Onward!” to motivate each other to keep going. Ooookay. Yeah. "Accidentally".

Anyway, that's how the #Onward Challenge was born.

The #Onward Challenge kicked off in 2021 with a 36.5 mile "ultra" hike-a-thon that took fam over 7,350 feet of elevation change over 15 weeks from January to April.

And in 2022, we hiked ~35 miles with over 8,100 feet of elevation change over 20 weeks from January to May.

Each hike has its own challenges, testing your stamina and endurance in extreme weather conditions. But when you're done, you're never going to forget what you accomplished.

Join us in 2023! Onward!

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**Schedule is subject to change depending on trail conditions, weather, etc. Final schedule sent via email after you've made your reservation.