Become A Host

Let's face it. Unless you grew up in it, it's challenging to find a good job in the outdoor industry.

Well, it was until now.

If you've ever found yourself hating the job search process, dissatisfied with working a desk job or that you could do a better job than that last hiking leader you went out with, you're at the right place.

Now it's easier than ever to host your community in outdoor spaces to participate in amazing recreational activities.

We've designed these resources to make it as seamless and accessible as possible for anyone to get started, earn a sustainable income and grow!

  • List Your Trip on Outerthere

    The more trips you list on Outerthere, the more you'll earn from your passion for hosting your community on outdoor experiences.

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  • Wilderness First Aid Certification

    Want to get licensed as an outdoor guide? This is a required course in New York State.

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  • Need more information before hosting your 1st trip?

    Sign up for this free, 1-day virtual training program covering all of the ins-and-outs of being an outdoor host.

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  • Need a van rental for your next trip?

    Ryde With Us is a local NYC passenger van rental service built for the needs of outdoor hosts. Ryde is a preferred provider on Outerthere.

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  • Get advice & coaching

    Subscribe to the #1 resource to start and grow your outdoor recreation business.

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  • Increase reservations with the Welcome Pledge

    The Welcome Pledge is managed by The Everyone Is Welcome Fund and helps hosts understand how to make their experiences more inclusive.

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  • See what hosting is like

    Check out our trip reviews blog, #whatyoumissed, to experience what it's like to be an outdoor host

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  • Save time with pre-scouted trips

    One of the most important - and time consuming - things you can do as a host is scout a destination or test a trip. We've already done it for you. Save time, use our maps.

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  • Book The Outerthere House

    The Outerthere House is a Superhost on Airbnb and available for trip hosts who'd love a basecamp for their guests.

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  • Use Trashmap on your next trip

    More inclusive, less complicated and easier for your guests to do.

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