About Our Vehicles

We rely on 15-seat passenger vans with 460 cubic feet of interior space and 7-seat minivans with 144 cubic feet of interior space for our shuttle trips.

They're able to go places where larger vehicles cannot and provide a more comfortable experience at a lower cost for our small groups.


  • The interiors of our vehicles are cleaned and sanitized before every trip by your driver who is also your host.
  • Everyone's temperature will be taken before entering.
  • Face coverings will also be enforced during your ride.
  • And weather permitting, we also keep our windows open (there are 2 in the front and 2 small ones in the back) for circulation.
  • Finally, based on everyone's comfort level, we limit capacity to 5 per minivan, 10 per passenger van.

If you have any questions or concerns about our shuttle rentals, don't hesitate to ask using the chat box below. 


Can I cancel my shuttle ride after I've reserved it? As you may already know, we have an awesome refund & cancellation policy and your shuttle fee will be refunded instantly upon request, no questions with advanced notice.

However, if you change your mind on the day of your pickup or if your temperature is too high the day of your ride and you are not permitted to enter our vehicle by your host, we unfortunately will not be able to refund you.

And hey, it's OK if you do not feel comfortable for any reason, and we won't take offense if you do not feel comfortable in our vehicles for any reason.