What's Included With Your Trip

  • Commercially insured, professionally hosted service, including safety checks (via trip scouting), extensive safety direction, support on a challenging trail, with setting up your tent, campfire, kayaks, etc.
  • Tried-and-tested logistical support including detailed maps, accommodations (when applicable), packing lists, meal suggestions, meeting and pickup coordination, use of equipment like grills, headlamps, camp chairs, tables, crash pads, etc.
  • In some cases, prices are inclusive of 3rd party gear rentals (i.e. skydiving equipment, specialized bikes, boats and safety equipment).
  • Welcoming community because you wouldn't want to do this trip alone. Doing this trip with your outdoorsy fam guarantees you'll have an amazing trip.
  • The most generous cancellation and refunds policy in the business.