Pro-Tip: The Truth About Kneepads

Pro-Tip: The Truth About Kneepads


When you're learning to snowboard, you're going to fall. No exceptions. And generally speaking, most beginners fall either backwards onto their butts and heads or forwards onto their knees and wrists. And that's why they make butt pads and knee pads.

Do you look amazing wearing all that extra protection? You do if you're smiling because you're having fun and are confident... that you aren't going to mess up your knees or bruise your booty.

So, if knee pads and butt pads are so essential to learning how to snowboard safely, why don't more mountains and instructors recommend them on Day 1? Why are you left to figure that out on your own AFTER you've already hurt your knees and bum?

Good question. It's just more evidence of what we said in an earlier Pro-tip, that the big mountains don't really care about you and your experience.

You feel it when they assign a teenager that spends all his time in a pro terrain park doing tricks to teach beginner group lessons. He doesn't even wear a helmet on his own time and is probably still on his parents health insurance. What's he going to tell you about staying injury-free?

So, this week's Pro-tip is to bring knee pads - any kneepads will do - to give you more confidence learning. And when you sign up to our shuttles, group lessons (by an experienced adult) are included at no additional cost.

Join the shuttle to indy mountain Catamount in upstate NY on Saturday, Feb 11. They're smaller, less crowded and they care a little more about your experience than their larger neighbors.
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