About The Kayaks On Your Trip

This trip utilizes a fleet of super-stable, super-agile Tucktec roll-up kayaks.

At 9 feet 8 inches (295 cm) they're shorter than touring kayaks, so way more maneuverable.

At 31 inches wide (78 cm) they're just as stable as a hard plastic sit-on-top.

They have a weight capacity of 300 lbs, so you and your gear will be just fine as long as the weight is distributed evenly in front of you and behind you. It's actually very difficult to flip one over and the construction prevents water from coming inside.

At 28 lbs, they're also about half the weight of a regular kayak meaning that you'll go faster and farther with each stroke of your paddle and you're less likely to get stuck in low tide conditions.

Finally, the materials used for the hull of the boat are durable enough to withstand direct impact with metal objects but soft enough to allow you to feel the water beneath you.

You will be given a review on how to use your kayak and safety equipment. You will also be given a basic demonstration/refresher on how to paddle in a kayak.

Reserve a kayak with your reservation and go where others can't.