Body Liberation Hiking Club - NYC is affiliated with Body Liberation Outdoor Club. Body Liberation Hiking Club's creed is about creating safe spaces for diverse bodies to enjoy nature and outdoor movement. Our NYC chapter is a celebration of all the different ways that our diverse bodies exist in this urban landscape we call home. We are free of diet/weight loss culture, inclusive of all genders, and acknowledge we are recreating on Indigenous land. Urban Hikes are intentional adventures in urban environments with the whole city as our playground of discovery. All Urban Hikes are accessible by public transportation. We are here to explore, experience, and exude joy on purpose! We are built to hike these streets!

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  • Catherine

    I'm Catherine - a Puerto Rican woman born in Brooklyn. I’m always out and about, taking every opportunity to enjoy these streets. If I can walk there, then I usually do. I have a PHD in social psychology and focused my research on Latinas' experiences with weight stigma, from the perspective of intersectionality theory in an effort to to begin to understand how multiple sources of oppression contribute to that experience in this particular demographic.

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