Apply to be an Outerthere Leader In Your City

Updated May 15, 2024


Hi fam, Al here.

Do you love the outdoors? You look forward to weekends filled with all the hiking, camping, paddling and biking? 

Well, you're not alone. There's an entire community of people in your city that feel the same. And we'd love your help in bringing them all together.

Outerthere In Your City aims to bring the outdoorsy people in your city together to meet outdoor group leaders like you who can help introduce them to all the amazing things to do near your city.

How does it work? Host 1 happy hour and 1 outing per month. You're eligible to make money as a local leader when your outings are paid and listed on Outerthee and/or when you invite other outdoor hosts to list their trips on Outerthere, too.

Thank you 🙏 I look forward to working with you in your city!


READY TO START?: Complete the form below to become Outerthere's local leader in your city!

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