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ABOUT US: We're Outerthere, an outdoor adventure discovery platform for locals who want to try awesome activities and the outdoor hosts who are passionate about introducing their communities to outdoor experiences. Learn more about us here.

ABOUT YOU: You are as enthusiastic about the outdoor recreation industry as we are. You believe everyone should feel welcome and included in the industry. And you'd love an opportunity to work with a disruptive startup based in NYC. 

WHAT'S INCLUDED FROM US FROM ALL ROLES: You will receive detailed instructions, workflows and ongoing support as you work with us to dial-in what works and doesn't work.
  • This opportunity is open to U.S. citizens, green card holders and permanent residents 18+ based anywhere in the U.S.
  • College degree preferred, but not required.⁠

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Hi fam, Al here.

First a big thanks to everyone's who's reached out regarding this role 🙏 I sincerely appreciate the amazing feedback I've received.

So here's the deets. This job is best suited for anyone with any experience recruiting talent to work at companies. If this is you, you know a little about marketing, a little about human resources and a little about operations.

Additionally, in a similar way that a talent recruiter gets paid when their candidate gets hired, this role gets paid when their candidates' trips get listed. Specifically, $5 for each host up to the first 50. Then $10 for the next 150. So, it's a "commission" mindset. Except,

  • ​You're not selling, you're inviting, since most of the hosts you'll be reaching out to want to earn a sustainable income from hosting their communities on outdoor activities; and
  • ​There are no upfront costs for listing, so a sale does not actually happen when your candidates' trips are listed, but you will be compensated anyway.

​Anyway, after your 200th candidate, this job can potentially become internal and full time for you. You'll be in line to potentially manage your own team, if you want. And there will be other incentives which can be discussed during your onboarding process.

Plus, the perks of working for an outdoor recreation platform where you'll be able to try any outdoor activity you want with an amazing, diverse and welcoming fam.

If you're interested, apply here. Know someone who might fit the bill, forward them this link. 

Thank you! 


ABOUT THIS OPPORTUNITY: We're launching a growth department! What's a growth department?

It's recruiting new hosts onto our platform and is similar to talent recruitment and it's how Outerthere gets new hosts to list their trips on our platform. To do it involves a combination of marketing know-how, client service and data analysis.

We'd love your help to launch and shape this new initiative! You'll get a say on final responsibilities that make sense for this role. You'll get to pick your own hours and work remotely. And as we meet milestones together (see below), the growth potential for this opportunity can be unlimited.

This opportunity empowers you as Outerthere's regional leader for your state and as such, you will be a critical part of our company's success.

WHAT'S EXPECTED FROM YOU: You are creating awareness for a platform in your state and across all outdoor recreation niches where new hosts or experienced guides can launch and grow their outdoor businesses and generate sustainable incomes. And you will be inviting these outdoor leaders to get their trips listed on our platform. After they've accepted your invitation, you're handing off. That's it.

HOW IT'LL START: You will start as a freelancer (IRS link for 1099 contractors). You will be compensated $5 for every host (up to 49) who lists their trips on Outerthere based on your efforts.

You will then be compensated $10 for every host after 50 (up to 199).

There are no deadlines to reach this milestone, although the first day of the next season (i.e. spring, summer) is when we'd like to see you reach it.

You will have access to data to help you understand your performance. This will be considered a testing period.

HOW IT'LL END: With the 200th host that you successfully get to list on Outerthere, this opportunity may become a salaried, full-time role with participation in our company's healthcare benefits for you or others where you'll have had direct input into the final responsibilities of this role.

And of course, the perks. You'll earn credit towards trips on the Trip Calendar on Outertere with every milestone.

HOW YOU'LL BE SUPPORTED: You'll have access to monthly trainings, initially to get onboarded on then on the latest tips and tricks to being an outstanding recruiter, with on-going coaching and support.

Additionally, you'll be part of a team, which means you should expect to be active in our Growth Team messaging and seasonal virtual meetings. That implies keeping it real, but also respecting everyone's input.


Are you familiar, proficient or expert working with social media?*
Are you familiar, proficient or expert working with Meetup?*
Do you have any experience with client services and/or customer service?*
Do you have any experience with talent recruitment and/or human resources?*
Do you have any experience producing/hosting in-person events?*



Hi fam, Al here.

I am RIDICULOUSLY excited to introduce you to this new opportunity! We've got BIG PLANS and I hope you can be a part of them as our new local leader in your city.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to keep things real with you. Being part of a hub leadership team will take work and dedication. As you learn about what this role is all about below, ask yourself if you can commit to the following for the next 12 months:

  • Monthly trainings (1 hr or less), to get onboarded on the latest tips and tricks to being an outstanding community builder, with on-going coaching and support.
  • You'll be part of a team, which means you should expect to be active in our regular Local Leaders messaging and seasonal virtual meetings (also 1 hr or less). That implies keeping it real, too, but also respecting everyone's input.
  • Hosting at least 1 event (like a happy hour or 1 outdoor trip) per month.

If you think you got this, let's do this! Review the below, submit the application form and let's get that interview scheduled as soon as possible!

See you out there!


ABOUT LOCAL OUTERTHERE HUB LEADERS: We want to launch in your city and need your help! We’re looking for inspired community builders like you who want to create authentic connections between outdoorsy locals in your city who want to host or be hosted on outdoorsy trips from their city. 

WHAT'S EXPECTED FROM YOU: You are the official ambassador for Outerthere in your city. You'll help create awareness, introduce local Outerthere fam to each other and help everyone navigate Outerthere resources and trips in (and out of) your city!

WHAT YOU'LL DO: You'll host your own outdoor trip and/or extend or add your own twist to our Happy Fam Hour events that keep local Outerthere fam engaged and happy.

You'll start by hosting a launch party.

This includes managing execution and logistics of your events.

Finally, you'll be in a position to offer support and guidance to other local leaders and communities who may want to organize their own smaller events or initiatives.

WHAT YOU'LL GET: What's the point of doing this work for an outdoor recreation company if you can't get awesome outdoorsy perks?! Here's what you'll get as a local leader:
  • Earn credits useable towards trips on the Trip Calendar on Outerthere.
  • 50% off an Outerthere Sampler Pass or Membership.
  • Referral compensation for hosts you recruit to list trips in your city.
  • Special affiliate code which offers 10% commissions when trips you share get booked, a unique way to support your local hosts get their trips off the ground.
  • Discounted platform fees for listing your own outdoorsy trips.
  • Attendance-based rewards.
  • Sponsor-based bonuses.
  • Priority consideration for speaking opportunities, local press trips, etc.
  • Swag and other goodies along the way.

FYI: In submitting this application, you acknowledge that you will be working as an independent contractor in exchange for these package of benefits and perks offered and that this is not an employment or ownership opportunity with Outerthere.

READY TO START?: Apply to become a local leader below.
Are you familiar, proficient or expert working with social media?*
Are you familiar, proficient or expert working with Meetup?*
Do you have any experience with client services and/or customer service?*
Do you have any experience with talent recruitment and/or human resources?
Do you have any experience producing/hosting in-person events?*

Outerthere Adventures LLC is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and does not discriminate in the terms, conditions, or privileges of employment on account of race, age, color, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability, or religion or otherwise as may be prohibited by federal and state law.

Updated Mar 12, 2024