Membership FAQs

Updated Feb 13, 2024

Why won't my membership work on every trip on Outerthere? Memberships is part of Outerthere's Deals & Specials program. Hosts listed on Outerthere have to opt-in to having their trips offered through this program. And not every host opts in. But please be patient. We're working hard behind the scenes to onboard more and more Hosts onto this program.

What if I have another discount offer? Can I use it with my Membership? Yes! Just do 2 separate transactions so the system doesn't lose it's mind trying to process all your amazing offers.

Can I transfer my Membership to someone else? Unfortunately, no. However, Memberships offer a Guest Pass for one of your two trips every 6 months! Please note that Guest Passes are not valid if your Membership was purchased with a discount.

What if I cannot remember my login? No worries! Just ask us in the chat at the bottom of this page and we can check for you.

What happens if I want to cancel my Membership? You've got 24 hours to cancel your Membership after your initial purchase to be eligible to receive a full refund or credit for your Membership. All of the trips you booked with your membership will be canceled. You've got 7 days to cancel your Membership to be eligible to receive credit only. All of the trips you booked with your membership will be canceled. Sorry fam, no free trials.

Will my Membership auto-renew at the end of my time? No. You will receive reminders to renew.

What if my Membership expires before my next trip? All good. Your trip is still covered by your Membership.

Can I cancel trips I've already booked and rebook them with my Membership? Yes.