Barefoot Hikin' Again
Barefoot Hikin' Again
Barefoot Hikin' Again
Barefoot Hikin' Again
Barefoot Hikin' Again

Barefoot Hikin' Again

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Remember when you were a little kid and always walked around barefoot? Your back yard, your bedroom, everywhere? As an adult, you still love it - on beaches, in hotels, still in your bedroom. If you haven't hiked barefoot, you're missing one of life's small pleasures. So, we're gonna give it to you.

Once property of Brookhaven National Laboratory and former military installation called Camp Upton, Brookhaven State Park is 1,638-acres and is part of the central core of the Long Island Pine Barrens. The thing you have to remember about pine barrens is that it's sand, not soil, no elevation, no mean rocks. It's the perfect place to give barefoot hiking a try!

Barefoot hiking does not mean you literally have to go barefoot. You can wear zero-drop hiking shoes, like those 5-finger shoes, flip flops, basically anything without a rubber sole. And if you start completely barefoot, you can finish with your footwear. The idea is to provide you with an entirely new experience hiking. Why? Because the more disconnected you are from the earth (with heavy shoes, on tall buildings, etc), the less respect you have for her. And nothing teaches you more about respecting our planet than walking on it the way you were intended.

Although barefoot hiking is encouraged, it's not required. Hike as you want. But if you chose to hike barefoot and you're not sure about injuries, we'll have a nurse on staff with medical equipment to take care of those sore footies.


  • 11am Arrive at destination
  • 11:20am Begin trip
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  • 2:30p Return to destination
  • 4p Conclude trip


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