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Climbing is awesome, but...

The problem is the way climbing is promoted. And everything says, you're not welcome. So, let's start by throwing out a few myths that have probably kept you away:

No, you do not have to look a certain way to climb.

No, you do not have to talk like an insider to climb.

No, you do not need a ton of expensive, fancy equipment to climb.

And no, climbing does not always mean to the top of a mountain with a rope and harness. You can climb boulders (bouldering), trees (tree climbing) and man-made structures (buildering).

On this trip, you'll visit a world-class boulder climbing area where a Trip Host will demonstrate safe climbing and basic techniques in a friendly and respectful way so that you feel (and look) awesome climbing!

Your Trip Host isn't a guide or instructor on this trip. They're there to a create judgement-free and supportive space for you and your group to have an amazing climbing experience!


  • 9:30am Arrive at destination
  • 10am Begin hike to climbing areas
  • ~3pm Hike back to trailhead, trip conclusion


  • This trip is included at no additional charge when you get your Hiking Pass or Annual Pass!
  • Your fee includes cost of park admission when applicable.
  • This is 100% beginner-friendly and rated BEGINNER to ADVANCED. Learn more about How We Rate Trips.
  • Please note that you're climbing at your own risk and some parks will ask you to sign their waivers upon arrival.
  • Roundtrip shuttle available. Or get a Ryde Pass instead. This is a great option for anyone who already knows what they're doing and just needs a ride up. 
  • Although you're able to climb in almost any footwear you own, climbing-specific shoes are actually pretty helpful if you're able to purchase them. If you can't purchase, you can likely rent them for the day from your local climbing gym.
  • Never been climbing with us? See how we host climbing trips at #whatyoumissed.

Before you go, review the below:

Pickup times and locations for roundtrip transportation sent via email after you've booked your trip.

TRIP DETAILS (I.E. TIME, DATE, DESCRIPTIONS) POSTED HERE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE FOR ANY REASON. Details regarding your trip will be emailed to you after you book.