Hike & Scream It Out! (Free Hike)
Hike & Scream It Out! (Free Hike)
Hike & Scream It Out! (Free Hike)
Hike & Scream It Out! (Free Hike)
Hike & Scream It Out! (Free Hike)
Hike & Scream It Out! (Free Hike)

Hike & Scream It Out! (Free Hike)

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Hi. How are you?

You're probably frustrated. With quarantines, school closures, company wfh or zoom meetings, with politicians bickering, the cost of everything going up, juggling childcare and other family responsibilities, friends and family that have passed away, partners who aren't there for you - you're frustrated with life!

We can all agree that we all lost a lot these past 2 years. And you know what, that's a lot to deal with and we need support to help us just get through whatever comes next.

March 11 is the two year anniversary when a pandemic was officially declared. So, we're inviting you and the rest of this outdoorsy fam to a short hike to a local trail and scream out all your frustrations with us.

Wait, what?

Well, here's the thing. According to Colette Ingrid Brown, a psychotherapist at A Good Place Therapy, 'When we draw in a deep breath from the diaphragm to perform the scream, the vagus nerve…activates the parasympathetic nervous system known as the relaxation response thus calming the brain's stress response.'" Basically, "screaming releases negative emotions and stress." 

In partnership with I Love Hikes. Inspired by The School of MOM.


  • 11am Arrive at destination
  • 11:20am Begin trip
  • 12:30p Arrive at midpoint
  • 1:30p Return to destination
  • 2:30p Conclude trip


  • DISCLAIMER: We take mental health seriously. Please be advised that there will not be mental health professionals available to you during this trip (it's an insurance thing). Furthermore, our hosts are not professional mental health professionals. And although we will have professional guidance from members of this community to conduct this therapeutic exercise, it will be a self-guided experience, where you should only do what feels right to you. This experience should not be considered a formal part or substitute for any professional mental health therapies. Finally, although we hope that this experience triggers nothing but positive emotions, it may also unexpectedly trigger negative feelings. We strongly encourage you to consult your mental health professional before and/or after participating in this activity.
  • Please refer to mental health resources at NY Project Hope and CDC's Mental Health Guidance.
  • This trip is included at no additional charge when you get your Hiking Pass or Annual Pass!
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  • Roundtrip shuttle available.
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