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Super Fun Skydiving

Super Fun Skydiving

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The aggressive tightening of your gear on the ground. The stomach-turning excitement of the plane lifting off.

The electric energy inside the plane as your fellow sky divers start to jump out.

You're thinking WTF am I doing?!

And then it's your turn. You hold your breath in shock as you approach the edge of the plane and before you have a chance to even think, Nah, you're already free-falling.

You ride that adrenaline all the way down. And by the time you feet tough the ground, your life has literally changed. You did it!

And if you can do that, you can do anything else life has to throw at you. You got this!

And we got you - for your first sky diving experience. Join us! 


  • 10am Arrive, checkin
  • 10:30am Get your tandem jumping instructor and get strapped in
  • 11am Board plane. You know the rest.
  • ~12p conclude day. Seems short. But with all the adrenaline, it'll feel like a very long day. Trust us.
  • ~12:30p We may or may not visit a local distillery as a post-adventure treat.

HEADS UP, FAM. This trip is weather-dependent and last minute changes are possible.



From the #whatyoumissed archives.

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