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Thursday Night Campout by OutdoorFest and the Appalachian Mountain Club

Thursday Night Campout by OutdoorFest and the Appalachian Mountain Club

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Campground-to-Train Shuttle

OutdoorFest and the Appalachian Mountain Club are teaming up for a brand new Thursday night campout.

Join us after work on Thursday at the AMC Harriman Center for a night of adventure and outdoor play - from canoeing on Breakneck Pond to a night hike with Herb of Outdoor Afro.

We'll close the evening with s'mores and drinks around the fire before heading to our cabins or tents for the night.

On Friday, the adventure kicks back up again with outdoor yoga, a guided hike, a slacklining clinic and more!

It's going to be 24 hours of adventure, relaxation and the great outdoors. Join us for a campout filled with campfires, canoeing, hiking and yoga.

This trip is rated BEGINNER.

(P.S. if you need to be back at work on Friday, the campsite is just an hour from NYC!)

No car? No problem. AMC runs shuttles from the Sloatsburg train station.


All general admission tickets include:

  • Dinner on Thursday evening
  • Brews by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
  • Breakfast on Friday morning
  • Your selected accommodation
  • Access to showers
  • Canoe rental
  • All programs including: guided hikes, yoga, slackline clinics


  • 3p - 10p Check-in when you arrive to get a camp map, agenda and swag!
  • 3p - 8p The lake is OPEN!  Canoe, Kayak, Swim!
  • 5p - 6p Conservation Happy Hour,  Hear from Mark Zakutansky, Director of Conservation Policy Engagement, about the Appalachian Mountain Club's work as you sip a cold brew.
  • 6p - 7:30p BBQ Grillout, Vegan and vegetarian options will be available (you must select dietary preferences during check-out)
  • 7p - 8:30p Night hike, Herb Brooks of Outdoor Afro will lead a 2 mile hike around the lake. Headlamps required.
  • 9p Campfire + S'mores
    • 7a Sunrise Yoga, Mats and blocks provided
    • 8a - 9a Breakfast
    • 8a - 2p  The lake is OPEN!  Canoe, Kayak, Swim!
    • 9:15a - 12p  Suffern-Bear Mountain Hike, Herb Brooks of Outdoor Afro will lead a 3.6 mile hike on the Suffern-Bear Mountain trail.
    • 9:30a - 10:15a  Forest Bathing
    • 10:30a -11:30a  Slackline 101,  A beginner friendly slackline clinic
    • 11:30a - 1:30p  Open slackline, Slacklines available for you to try!
    • 1:30p - 2p  Closing Gathering, A final group activity before we leave - surprises included.

      *Schedule is subject to change.


      Option 1: Cabins

      • This option gets you space in 1 bed along with blankets and a pillow/pillowcase
        • You can rent linens on-site ($20) or bring your own
      • Each cabin room has 2 sets of bunk beds
      • Cabins are coed
      • If you are coming with a friend, we can make sure you’re in the same room (please include their name at checkout)

      Option 2: Camp

      • Each campsite has 1 tent platform
      • We have two ticket options: 1 is for the platform and 1 is for joining a friend on a platform.
      • You can have up to 4 people on a platform (1x 4 person tent or 2x 2 person tents)


      • All accommodations are located next to the bathroom/shower house. Bathrooms have toilet paper and running water. Please BYO towel and soaps for showering.


      • AMC Shuttles will pickup Aug 3 at Sloatsburg Train Station at 3:40pm, 504pm and 6:45pm
      • AMC Shuttles will dropoff Aug 4 at Sloatsburg Train Station at 10:15am and 2:20pm.

      FAQs & Q&As

      • Can I bring dogs or children? This event is 21+ and only service dogs are allowed.
      • Can I bring my own alcohol? Yes, but only beer and wine. Hard alcohol is not permitted. 
      • Can I extend my stay through the weekend? Yes, please call the AMC at (603) 466-2727
      • How early can I check in on Thursday? You can check in as early as 3PM on Thursday
      • When is check-out on Friday? If you’re not extending your stay, you will need to be out of the cabins/tent platforms by 11AM so the AMC staff can clean for the next guest. However, we can continue spending time on the AMC property until 3PM. 
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      General Trip Information



      Guidance by Outerthere, Updated August 2023


      Everyone goes at their own pace and regardless of the pace you're on, you will never get left behind or be made to feel as though you’re slowing down your group. Whether you’re coming out for fitness or to just enjoy nature, the pace of the group can accommodate you.


      Beginner trips and activities are for anyone physically active at least one to three times per week, including kids ages 5+.

      Beginner hiking trips, for example, may cover 0 to 3 miles in distance where you will be walking across unpaved, natural terrain anywhere between 2 to 4 hours with plenty of breaks or an experience will include basic training.

      Elevation is within 1,000 feet. And some features may require you to use your hands for leverage, balance, and even getting up or down.

      Beginner trips are generally labeled "Easy" or "Beginner-friendly" and in the case of water-based trips (i.e. kayaking), will be on calmer lakes and slow moving rivers. For beginner camping trips, we may go from trailhead to campground without backpacking.

      Regardless of the pace you're able to keep, you will not be left behind and will be supported with demonstrations or other instruction until you're comfortable performing the basic activity.

      Beginner trips are recommended for anyone who little-to-no experience, but wants to get more acquainted with that activity.


      Like Beginner trips, but with more consideration to kids and pets. (For example, other parents/nannies will be present and are happy to support your kid, expect activities your kids will enjoy, baby changing stops and areas are considered, area is walkable with carrier or stroller).


      Intermediate trips are a bit more challenging than Beginner trips, but completely doable for anyone active 3 to 5 times per week, including pre-teenagers.

      An Intermediate trip may cover 3 to 7 miles, during which you'll be moving anywhere between 4 to 8 hours with breaks.

      If you're participating in an Intermediate trip, you will be expected to have had some basic experience with this activity. You may already own some gear and/or equipment specifically designed for the activity and will be OK with unexpected weather. 

      And you may even be asked to support Beginners transitioning up to Intermediate.

      Elevation is within 3,000 feet. And some features may require you to use your hands for leverage, balance, and even getting up or down. You'll feel it in your calves, quads, hams, shoulders, back, and arms next day.

      Intermediate water-based trips (i.e. kayaking, rafting) generally assume you're comfortable in open water and/or with fast-moving water. Although you don't have to know how to swim, if you're participating in an Intermediate trip, it's recommended.

      You will need to focus and stay alert at all times for your safety.

      When you’re done, you may say to yourself you’ll never do a trip like that again, but afterwards, you’ll look forward to the next one.

      These trips are recommended for anyone interested in stepping up their outdoor game or anyone about to start a training program. 


      Advanced is intended for anyone (including teenagers) who is active almost every day and could probably put together their own trip, but prefers going in a group with other Advanced fam.

      They may cover 7 or more miles during which you'll be moving 8+ hours. Destinations, elevation and weather will be challenging.

      If you're participating in an Advanced trip, you will be expected to have had some basic experience with this activity. You may already own all gear and/or equipment specifically designed for the activity and are knowledgeable with how to use it. 

      Advanced water-based trips (i.e. kayaking, rafting) will require you to comfortable in all types of water. You should know how to swim.

      These trips are recommended for anyone thinking about DIY trips and need some additional guidance, anyone training to do epic, multi-day treks, and/or anyone interested in mixing up their normal weekly workout.

      IMPORTANT HEAD UP ABOUT ADVANCED PACE: Please be aware that some fam will attend a trip convinced that they are prepared for an Advanced trip, including maybe you. However, they may have discovered on that trip that they are not as Advanced as they expected. That is perfectly normal and in no way reflects a miscommunication or misunderstanding by anyone. Like it says in Welcome emails, sh_t happens and your trip host can manage.

      If that's the case, and you or someone else on your trip is having a challenging time, other fam may be asked to support anyone who is having a challenging time maintaining an Advanced pace. This can mean that someone is going at a slower pace due to injury, dehydration, affected mental state, anything. In any case, trips are safe spaces and no one will be made to feel as though they are being a burden or left behind.


      Scouting trips are meant for us to "test the adventure" (like breaking gadgets on purpose to see if they'll hold up to regular use) and figure out all the risks before planning a safe adventure for everyone else.

      That said, since we won't always know what to expect, sometimes these scouting trips are very easy and even boring.

      Or they are very challenging and extremely dangerous. We won't know until we try it.

      Either way, they're fun for anyone who has already participated in Intermediate or Advanced trips, are open to anything and don't mind the unexpected inconveniences (weather, car issues, whatever) that come up on the way to a new experience. 

      These trips are recommended for anyone with advanced outdoor skills, lots of experience in the outdoors and a variety of outdoor gear. 


      TIME, DATE & DESCRIPTIONS POSTED HERE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE FOR ANY REASON. Details regarding your trip will be emailed to you after you book.