*NEW* Super Fun River Tubing
*NEW* Super Fun River Tubing
*NEW* Super Fun River Tubing
*NEW* Super Fun River Tubing

*NEW* Super Fun River Tubing

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It's like rafting, but in your own personal tube. And it's got cup holders.

If you’re not all about crazy adventures, but secretly you are, this may just be your trip. Inflatable tube and personal flotation device included.


River tubing is different based on how fast the water moves. Water flow is graded by Class 1 through Class 5. 

All you have to remember is that the lower the Class, the slower the water. 

Most days, all rivers flow at around Class 1 and 2, where you put your tube on the water and go with the flow. It requires some paddling to navigate. You get soaked only when you want. 

But on select days, the local power authority opens up their dam to create Class 3 and above water conditions on sections of the river (that's the whitewater which is most commonly associated with rafting). 

There can be several sections across a river that can be classified as Class 3 and above where you're guaranteed to get soaked when you go through them. However, in between these sections, a river goes back to Class 1 or 2 water. 

In Class 3+ sections, you won't be able to navigate in your tube. You're just going with the flow. Personal flotation vests and helmets will be required. 

That said, please check the date you want to go so you know whether your rafting trip will be Class 1 or 2 "Easy" or Class 3 and above "Whitewater".

Below is your anticipated itinerary:

    • 7:30am Depart NYC from pickup
    • 9:30am Arrive at destination, checkin, waivers, fitting, instructions
    • 10am Begin trip
    • ~12p Conclude trip, Shuttling back to basecamp to change.

    *Schedule subject to change based on time of reservations.


      • This trip is included with your Unlimited Pass.
      • This trip is ideal for BEGINNERS. Learn more about How We Rate Trips
      • Roundtrip shuttle available. Or get a Ryde Pass instead.
      • YOU WILL RECEIVE EXACT PICKUP TIMES AND LOCATIONS VIA WELCOME EMAIL AFTER YOU'VE MADE YOUR RESERVATION AND 72 HRS PRIOR TO YOUR TRIP. You'll be able to select your pickup time and location only by replying to that email.
      • Physical Distancing and Face Covering Policy.
      • No Questions Asked Refund and Cancellation Policy.
      • TRIP DETAILS (I.E. TIME, DATE, DESCRIPTIONS) POSTED HERE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE FOR ANY REASON. Details regarding your trip will be emailed to you after you book.