List My Trip FAQs For Established Hosts

I'm already using my website and social media to accept reservations and promote my trips. Why should I list on Outerthere? Your audience is already visiting Outerthere - yes, even the ones who will "only go out with you". They love trips like yours and are looking for yours to compare dates, prices and destinations with others. Additionally, your audience booking on Outerthere is providing benchmark data and other relevant feedback that can help improve what you make from your trips. For example, how does your trip rank vs. a similar one from another host and why? Wouldn't you like to know?

Why are hosted trips better for a guest? Because some guests prefer to go with a pre-organized group vs. on their own. A dedicated leader to hold a guest's hand and know their names works extremely well at getting beginners to try your activity (almost like a concierge or personal shopper, but for your activity). 

You're already a guide for a tour operator. Why should you list your own trips on Outerthere? Hosting is accompanying your guests and making them feel welcome in whatever activity they’re participating in and spaces where they’re going. There are no permits, licenses or insurance required, since ideally, you’d be working with expert guides, tour operators and outfitters. As a guide, you're a qualified expert. You've got certifications and licenses that set the standard for knowledge. And on Outerthere, you can earn from your own amazing trips during off-seasons without having to relocate halfway around the world to continue working.

How big are these groups and why can't we just use our regular group sales process? These groups are not organized solely to try your experience. They're hosted by enthusiastic members of their own communities and often want to try different outdoor activities. These groups are typically 5 to 15 participants which often lies outside of most group size requirements of 20 or more. But to be clear, group sales are about discounts, which are not always the incentive that gets outdoor hosts to bring their groups to try your experience.

Why go through the trouble of listing a hosted trip on No trouble. We do the work for you, including customizations and integrations between your system and ours (depending on your goals). But here's the more important reason. Because guests who are just getting started with outdoor recreation love being able to reserve all kinds of experiences in one place, seamlessly and conveniently, with unified cancellation policy and an outdoorsy community they love seeing over and over on every trip (we see a 60% return rate month-over-month). Suffice it to say, visitors trust Outerthere to get them on the best trips for them. Additionally, your experiences are a kind of inventory. And the best way to sell your inventory is to distribute them in as many places as possible. 30,000+ visitors go to every year to discover amazing outdoor activities that they can book. You should definitely be in front of them! So the more trips you list, the more you'll earn.

How hard is it to list a trip? Not hard at all! Start your listing by completing the request form above and/or schedule an onboarding call here or via the chat box below with a brief description of your trip and where it is, along with your preferred contact info. 

How much does this service cost? There are no upfront costs for listing your trip. Outerthere receives a 25% platform fee from every standard reservation based on what you've opted into when you completed your listing. If you do not get any reservations, Outerthere does not receive a fee. See Terms below.

How will I get paid? All payouts are sent next business day after your trip via PayPal and after you've accrued at least $100 in reservations. No PayPal? Visit here to get one. See Terms for more details.

What if my trip does not get any reservations? Don't worry. Unless you're an established host or influencer, it'll take about 2 to 3 trips (or 2 to 3 months) out of 10 suggested trips before your trip listing gets the traction it needs with guests. The good news is that you'll be able to tap into Outerthere's expertise and data insights anytime to understand trends and enhance your listing to improve your trip listing and increase your reservations.

What kinds of trips should I list? Any small group trip that gets your guests to participate in an outdoor activity is eligible to be listed. See terms.

How will Outerthere support our trips? You're in good hands with Outerthere's support for hosts. Outerthere provides extensive marketing for your listing through email, social media, search and other digital channels. In addition, you'll receive ongoing guidance and pro-tips on how to get your group trips booked. Finally, you'll be able to reach a live representative who'll be familiar with your listing by using the chatbox at the bottom of any page or replying to any emails you receive.