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Shuttle Van To The Beach

Shuttle Van To The Beach

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Reservations (Adult or Kid)


Spend the day with your outdoorsy famĀ on the beach! Free drinks and BBQ when you reserve shuttle.

This trip is rated FAMILY-FRIENDLY. Don't forget to add Outerthere merch to your reservation!

See General Trip Information below.

  • 10am ArriveĀ at beach, set up
  • ~5pĀ Take down, depart beach
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General Trip Information


Roundtrip shuttle is available for this trip.

Pickup times depend on total number of pickups for your trip,Ā where you're going for your tripĀ and type of trip you've signed up.

As a result, there are no standard pickup times, but youĀ canĀ get approximate times via the chatbox.

YOU WILL RECEIVE EXACT PICKUP TIMES AND LOCATIONS VIA WELCOME EMAIL AFTER YOU'VE MADE YOUR RESERVATION AND 72 HRS PRIOR TO YOUR TRIP. These pickup times are final. You'll be able to select your pickup time and location only by replying to that email.

Here's how to reserve a pickup for any Outerthere trips you reserve:ā 
These are our primary pickups: North Astoria on Ditmars, Downtown Brooklyn near Junior's Restaurant, Midtown East on 63rd, Washington Heights on 181st and Ft. Wash, and The Grand Concourse and East 149th in the Bronx.ā 


In addition, we can also accommodate requests near these primary pickups and along our route. We've picked up in Harlem, Fort Lee, New Rochelle and even Stamford, depending on where we're going and when you make your reservations.ā 
But don't let the map fool you. As close as all these pickups appear, it takes a full 2 hours to pickup at every stop. So, we don't pick up at every stop every time.ā 
We pre-determine our pick up route based on the address you use when you make a reservation. Then, you can either request your pickup by replying to the Welcome email prior to your trip or when you indicate your preferred pickup in your Safety Information Form. You can also request your pickup via the chat box on the website or even DM'ing here on IG. ā 
Our route may change and our schedule gets adjusted, but the point is that our hosts are at your service to make joining us on trips as easy as possible.ā 
So next time you get a Welcome email and don't see your preferred pickup, just request it!


Updated Nov 2023

Your shuttle van isĀ a commercially-insured 12-, 13- or 15-seat passenger vans with up to 460 cubic feet of interior space and privately-insured 7-seat minivans with up to 144 cubic feet of interior space.

They're able to go places where largerĀ vehicles cannot andĀ are better suited forĀ smaller groups.

The interiors of our vehicles are cleaned and sanitized before every trip by your driver.

    If you have any questions or concerns about your riding experience, don't hesitate to ask using the chat box below.Ā 


    Can I cancel my shuttle ride after I've reserved it? As you may already know, we have anĀ awesome refund & cancellation policyĀ and your shuttle fee will be refunded instantly upon request, no questions with advanced notice.

    However, if you change your mind on the day of your pickup; or you appear physically unable to ride in our vehicle (i.e. you're sick or intoxicated); or if your behavior is threatening or harmful to other passengers or your driver and you are not permitted to enterĀ the vehicle by your driver, we unfortunately will not be able to refund you.

    And hey, it's OK if you do not feel comfortable for any reason, and we won't take offense.Ā 

    Ā  Ā  Ā 


    All the details about your trip - includingĀ the most up-to-date weather, packing list and itinerary (especially for pickups) - lands in your inbox 72 hours prior to your trip date.

    The sender will be "Al at Outerthere" and the subject of the Welcome email will be "Welcome toĀ [name of trip]" andĀ is only sent from info@Ā

    Here's what it'll look like in your inbox:

    Please make sure you let your Gmail/iPhone know that this sender and email address are important.Ā 

    Additionally, you should have received a confirmation for your reservation and a separate Thank You email with the subject, "You've reserved a trip on Outerthere!"

    If your trip is within 72 hours and you stillĀ haven't seen any emails from us, please check your spam folder or "newsletters" folder in Gmail.

    In the meantime, if you have any questions, askĀ usĀ in the chatbox here or reply toĀ any email you've received from our official email, info@Ā 



    TIME, DATE & DESCRIPTIONS POSTED HERE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE FOR ANY REASON. Details regarding your trip will be emailed to you after you book.